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There’s a lot going on with our planet, and not a lot of it is good. What is good, however, is that we are not helpless. Each one of us has the power to do something about it by making little, better choices every day that create big, positive change.

Earth’d exists to be one of those little, better choices. 


It’s about doing the right thing in the right way. That includes farming in a way that brings nature back, creating partnerships with organisations that share our values, and making a unwavering commitment to positive action for real change. 


Discover all the ways we are working towards a more delicious future & how you can be a part of it. 

Where did all these owls come from?

Regenerative Farming is the future we need.


Food is only as good in the soil its grown in; the healthier the soil, the better tasting and more nutritious the food. Unfortunately, conventional, industrial agriculture has landed us in the midst of global soil crisis. Luckily, there is a way out of it. 


By using regeneratively grown grains, we are supporting conservationist farmers that are working on the frontlines to combat this crisis by rebuilding and restoring soil biodiversity. 


Not only do these holistic farming practices help reverse climate change, but they actually improve the land, initiating a positive chain reaction that produces high quality, nutrient-rich food, productive farms, healthy economies and a beautiful environment where animals like barn owls, kestrel, beavers, otters and more can return, to live their lives and flourish.

Charity Endorsed (From Q3 2023)

Our love for the world and all the creatures that inhabit it runs deep. That is why we are looking forward to being endorsed by one of the UK’s largest nature conservation charities later in the year. 


CO2 Neutral by 2027

As a for profit food company, we recognise the part we play in causing climate change. We also recognise the power we, and all food manufactures, have in being active part of the solution. Our goal is to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2027. We’re going to do this by examining at every aspect of our business for solutions that encourage sustainable production, processing, packaging, distribution and consumption in order to reduce, offset & eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. 

B-Corp Accreditation

Being a good business is good business, and we intend to be a leader by holding ourselves to  the highest of standards in our commitment to be ethical, sustainable and transparent in all that we do. As we await our official B-Corp certification, we will continue to operate our business in a way that will have the most positive impact on the world.

Recyclable Packaging

Earth’d is proudly packed in Tetra Pak cartons. Like us, this visionary company believes that there is a better way to do things. Each carton is made with responsibly sourced materials and is recyclable - check with your local authority for more information.

And all this is just the beginning. So, drink up. There’s better days ahead. 

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